Thursday, August 19, 2004

Are we brainwashed?believing that WE are always right

The industrial revolution produced POWER but not culture, power but not wisdom, material abundance but not sensitivity . The industrial and later technological revolutions produced almost unlimited power in the material domain but not in the domains of relevant communication/contact, understanding, growth, healing, communion with self and with nature, harmony. In the arrogant denial of these vital elements, including the denial of the culture and lack of interest in the compassionate knowledge of the "other", technology and industry can turn -- and have turned -- into a threat and not a blessing. Without the modesty to make all these forces and riches secondary to life and human considerations, they will lead us to mastery but not to harmony, to material wealth but not to happiness, to privilege but not to peace. We shall then remain a threat to life, to our environment and in the end to ourselves. Why is it that everytime we have a globalisation conference we are surrounded by the angry protests of the best of our youths!?

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