Tuesday, June 26, 2007

injustice carries a double curse

Injustice is twice cursed

Injustice is pursued by a multisided internally generated curse. At the receiving end the victims are cursed and suffer the direct consequences of injustice. The ‘powerful’ practitioners perpetrators of callous injustice celebrate their ‘victories’ not realizing that they are cursed even while they celebrate except that the time scale of the victor’s indirect curse kicking back is usually a much longer one yet they or their children shall surely pay.

Wilfred Owen (could have been Ghandi)

Now people will go content with what we spoilt

Or discontent boil bloody and be spilled


The quality of mercy is not strained.
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest:
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.

Like mercy is twice blessed, injustice is twice cursed.

Cursed is he who is unjust and cursed is he who succumbs to injustice or has injustice forced upon him.

An unexpected but real threat to democracy

The great base for secure democracy is justice.

The great democracies are now being threatened from a very unexpected source: The unscrupulous use of the power of fear and panic by governments and politicians without integrity to pursue mostly illegitimate interests and hidden agendas that involve injustice to other people and eventually their own..

The terror threat is magnified, amplified and milked to the maximum, if not encouraged in subtle ways. It is a known political ploy since time immemorial when the priests wrested absolute control over a populace deliberately terrified. The panic and fear engendered and amplified sometimes deliberately by the politicians and the mass media, are milked and used to the maximum creating a situation where there is a progressive erosion of democracy. Politicians can rest assured that free citizens will surrender more and more of their basic human and constitutional rights in their panic. Politicians can rest assured that there shall be a minimum of accountability. Nobody will have the time or space to hold politicians to account or to investigate anything closely and neutrally or to demand transparency, verification and debate. The state of high alert panic is an ideal arena for corrupt or incompetent politicians to indulge their failings and unfair advantages with impunity regardless of the long-term disastrous results they may bring upon their people, themselves or other peoples and nations.

Monday, June 25, 2007

بكائية رثاء لانسان لا يعوض

كم ضحكنا و جاء الآن وفت البكا
كم لعبنا حتي أدركنا وقت القنوط و الغم
كم حلمنا و جاء الآن زمن الكوابيس
أخطبوط سرطان سموم جهل غرور صمم ظلام جراح أكاذيب وعطش
كم رحلنا في حلاوة العشرة و الطلاوة وجاء الآن وقت الفراق
كم حلقنا فوق السحاب و جاء الآن وقت العذاب
كم صلينا و جاء الآن وقت التماس الرحمة
كم ارتوينا و حل علينا الآن وقت الجفاف
كم ترعرعنا حتي حل علينا وقت الذبول

كم تفاخرنا بالقوة حتي لحق بنا زمن الضعف و المرض والخوف و نقص الثمرات

خلق الانسان في كبد خلق الانسان في كبد

كم هي موقوتة طيارة سعادة البشروبقاء الحال للبشرمن المحال
لحظات كالعطر الطيار ما تكاد تنعم بشذاها حتي تفني تضيع إلي الأبد

ابكوا معي يا عذاري ابكوا معي يا أمهات ابكوا معي يا أجداد ابكوا معي يا إخوان ابكوا معي يا شباب
مضي وقت الطيران و الخفقان و الغناء وصدر حكم الهبوط و السكوت و الغرق
صدر حكم القدر
فهل من فرار أو أجل و لو بقدر
أفلا يؤجل القرار عاما أو حتي يوما أو ساعة أو لمحة بصر
التأجيل التأجيل ها هو التماس للتأجيل فهل من مجيب أو محضر خير يرحم ضعف الانسان و ينتصر

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