Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Death of spontaneity,the matrix reloaded, a poem

Death of spontaneity
lamentations for lost childhood
the matrix loaded

o father o mother
the thing is me
o sister o brother
the thing is me
o woman o man o sea
the thing is me
o sun o stars o world
the thing is me
I carry the secret can’t you see?
The most precious secret
Its is within you and me
P R O V E I T ! get it approved and certified
and when I moved to prove
I died
and lied


but I cried..
frozen tears..
for I was no more
but was an actor ..
I had to cheat, imitate and pretend
for I moved no more

but thought I moved..
I indulged in elaborate action
simulating movement artifice and art
I acted victory and glory with all my might
with great success

lucky.. wretched.. man
that can weave a world of lies
and think it true!
Through and through
and prove it true! Mathematically,electronically, authoritatively
Without a shadow of doubt

and someone else throbbed and danced
o father o mother
the thing is me
o sister o brother
the thing is me and you
the truth is here
the truth is now
the truth is near and far
within this soft, wonderful and vulnerable thing

t'is in my throbbing heart and pulsating brain and yours

P R O V E I T F I R S T !

one plus one equals two one plus two equals three
three plus three equals seven
one minus one equals nothing
nothing nothing nothing equals infinity

How to unload the MATRIX?

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