Friday, May 02, 2008

Education for pluralistic interactive peace

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Education for pluralistic, interactive peace

Does the educational orientation and curriculum anywhere in the World, transmit to the learners during their formative years, a balanced multi-sided view of history? Is there any curriculum that sees the predicament, achievements and failures of the human race as a cumulative process contributed to negatively and positively by all races all cultures and all religions, listening carefully and integrating into the whole picture the vision and perceptions of the "other", the vanquished and the crushed (an important insight gained from the feminist movement). The World has become our pulsating global village inextricably interconnected and interdependent with a fragile threatened life-supporting environment and an enormous widening gap between the privileged and the underprivileged. We all have to spare no effort, ingenuity or resource to create the conditions for an interactive non-violent pluralistic secure life together. The old win/lose, conqueror/vanquished, privileged intimidating the deprived into submission, is no path to stability, security and peace less so, while the privileged take every chance to flaunt/brandish their advantages in non-stop fevers of propaganda, advertising and selling and short-sided pride, vanity and assertion of supremacy without real tangible mass support for the deprived to start on the road of self help and self development. Many peoples of the World rightly perceive that the path to self help demands changes. They also perceive that the path for development is continuously frustrated by the powerful World leaders who support regimes, not according to their loyalty to the interests of their own people and their development. but according to their loyalty to the interests of the strong and powerful. There can be no alternative to a pluralistic, win/win interactive peace achieved by finding the balance points between disparate interests reflecting a faith in Universal human rights and justice. We can never find out and/or activate the interests of peoples into becoming a dynamic effective participant in international dialogue unless and until the peoples of the world are empowered to diagnose, express, participate and communicate and choose their honest accountable representatives.
All realities around us have changed but we adamantly cling to our closed boxes or rather to our politically induced delusional systems including outmoded concepts of peace and security. As repeatedly pointed out in this article, the education and the learning upbringing formative forces to which the vast majority of the peoples of the world are exposed, are outdated, outmoded and out of synch with the times and the needs of our particular stage of human evolution and the new challenges facing the race and the globe.(a suggested study on computer games ferociously training our children into the win/lose principle and into the "other" as enemy).

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